Hi! I'm Seema, Certified Sleep Consultant and Doula.

Bringing babies into this world and raising them can be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. Losing sleep because your baby keeps you up at night, makes it even harder. I am here to make your life easier with simple sleep solutions to help your newborn, baby or toddler sleep through the night. A good night of sleep is a wonderful thing. Let me help you remember what it feels like!

p.s. this photo is my daughter, Debyani. Her crazy sleep patterns are what got me started as a sleep consultant. I look forward to supporting your family soon.

Is your child is waking up frequently in the night?
Does your baby cat nap?
Do you have to feed or nurse your baby to sleep?
Does your baby need a pacifier to fall asleep?
Are you tired of having to put it back in?
Do you have to walk, rock, hold or bounce your baby to sleep?

Sleep Consultant

As a Certified Sleep Consultant I work with newborns up to the age of 5 years old. Sleep Training is not just about how you put your baby to sleep. It involves looking at your baby as a whole. We will look at their awake times, nap schedule, feeding routines, night time plan, sleep environment, how to cope with regressions, nap transitions, dummys, swaddle’s, cot transitions and so much more!

I am based in Essex and East London, offering Home Consultations, but also work internationally over skype, email and telephone.

– Seema Barua, PG DIP MBACP CCI

What People Are Saying

‘’Seema is just amazing. Not only did she give the best advice to help my 9mo get better sleep she saved my sanity. The advice Seema gave was easy to put into use. We live on opposite sides of the planet and Seema was still able to help us. I am so lucky to have ‘met’ you and so so grateful. Thank you Seema, you are an absolute star’’

’My 7 month old at the time wouldn’t sleep longer than a 2 hour stint at a time at night. He also wouldn’t sleep in his cot in the day only in his pushchair and he couldn’t self settle. Seema was amazing, the support was out of this world. I have learnt so much. I’m shocked how good this is. My baby now sleeps from 7 ish through to 0630 ish. It’s changed our life.”


Both my husband and I found the antenatal sessions incredibly useful. Seema provided a fantastic service throughout and excellent support throughout labour. Seema attended promptly after we asked her to come in the latent phase. She was energetic throughout the labour, pre and during hospital”.


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