1 Year to 3 Years

There are many reasons for sleep issues once your child reaches 12 months old. Sleep associations where your little one is dependent on you to put them to sleep, bedtime battles, bedtime anxiety, Transitioning from cot to bed, dropping a nap, nap refusal, late bedtime, or even the arrival of a new sibling can all instigate problems with your child’s sleep.

Maybe you are dealing with ongoing issues from when your child was younger. Whatever the issue, I am here to help.

As a qualified and experienced Baby and Toddler Sleep Consultant and highly trained Psychotherapist I specialise in gentle, evidence-based sleep training methods to help your child to sleep through the night. Together, we will find the best, age appropriate strategies to allow your child (and the rest of your family!) to get a good night’s sleep.

In this programme is included:

  • Learning to self settle for naps and bedtime
  • Dropping night feeds
  • Sleeping through the night
  • Addressing frequent night wakings
  • Bedtime resistance
  • Solids routine
  • age appropriate milk and food intake
  • Dropping naps
  • Bedroom transitions
  • milestones
  • Anxiety
  • Bedroom transition
  • Boundaries and consistency
  • Nightmares and fear


What’s included?

2 weeks of intensive daily support throughout your sleep training programme

  • A comprehensive sleep assessment
  • A personalised sleep plan with an age appropriate gentle sleep methods
  • 2 x 15 mins phone calls
  • Daily email support
  • Daily sleep log analysis
  • Lifetime access to my private Facebook group for clients only
  • Option to upgrade to what’s app
  • A Moving On Plan

Included in your sleep shaping package is the following invaluable and extensive digital e-handouts for your baby’s sleep up until the age of 3 years old when they are nap free.

This means you will never need to access sleep support again; you will have everything you need for your baby’s sleep, and you will be equipped to deal with any sleep issue. You will always have your baby on the correct age appropriate sleep routine, food and milk schedule.

  • Sleep handouts for you to keep which include:
    • Age appropriate routines
    • Nap transitions
    • Stretching awake times and how to adjust your routine for your baby’s age
    • Dreaded sleep regressions
    • Early morning wake ups – reasons & solutions
    • Managing days out and social activities
    • Managing travel
    • Managing sickness
    • Managing teething
    • Managing daycare

Price £350

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