Is your child is waking up frequently in the night?
Does your baby cat nap?
Do you have to feed or nurse your baby to sleep only for them to wake again shortly after to feed back to sleep again?
Do you start the night in the cot and bring your baby to bed in the middle of the night through pure exhaustion?
Are you spending hours walking or rocking your baby to sleep?  

80% of my parents see improvement in sleep within 2 days. Self settling to sleep and sleeping longer stretches overnight. 

Within 3 days my babies are on the age appropriate routines. 

Naps consolidate within one week.

Early Morning Wake up’s if there are any stop within 1 – 2 weeks.

Within 2 weeks my babies are on the correct night time feeds appropriate to them individually.

I offer a range of sleep coaching methods that won’t compromise your values or your parenting style.

As a Certified Sleep Consultant I offer sleep help and advice for your child from birth to 5 years. I work with a range of sleep methods that include no cry gentle sleep training methods, because I know all babies are different.

Your sleep plan will be based on your child’s own personal sleep assessment and you will be using the method which you are most comfortable with. My methods are age appropriate but also based on scientific evidence to support your child to sleep better without the stress and upset of ‘crying it out’.

Need help with naps, night wakings, early mornings, night feeds, sibling sleep, age appropriate routines for food & sleep, nutrition, teething, dummies, weaning, safe sleeping choices, postnatal depression, and infant allergies or reflux? I’m here to help.


1. Book a free 15 minute no obligation telephone consultation. This will be to answer any questions you have, if the time is right for you and anything else you feel you would like to discuss.

2. If you would like to go ahead payment is required in full at the time of booking and then we look at a start date that’s right for you.

3. We will complete a sleep assessment together and we then take the next steps together to start putting your sleep plan together.

Sleep Packages

‘’Seema is just amazing. Not only did she give the best advice to help my 9mo get better sleep she saved my sanity. The advice Seema gave us was practical and easy to put into use. My little boy was sleeping better and happier during the day in one week. Seema also spoke to me like she knew me and offered me reassurance when I needed it. We live on opposite sides of the planet and Seema was still able to help us via phone, WhatsApp, messenger and email – how flexible is that! I am so lucky to have ‘met’ you and so so grateful. Thank you Seema, you are an absolute star’’.


‘’My 7 month old at the time wouldn’t sleep longer than a 2 hour stint at a time at night. He also wouldn’t sleep in his cot in the day only in his pushchair and he couldn’t self settle. Seema was amazing, the support was out of this world. I have learnt so much. We tried space soothing or controlled crying. I can’t believe it worked. After 3 nights Tennyson slept from 1830 until 4am. We then worked on leaving him to cry when he woke in the early hours through to 0630. This worked. I’m shocked hie good this is. He now sleeps from 7 ish through to 0630 ish. It’s changed our life. Since starting this and realising he can settle himself, he also sleeps in his cot fir his 30 minute morning nap and 2 hour lunchtime nap. I now feel confident leaving him to cry for an agreed time.  I only required Seema’s help for 13 days and everything I wanted to achieve I gave.  Massively recommend Seema. Thank you so much!!!! Xx”


“I worked with Seema to get my 2 year old to sleep on his own. We were going through a nightmare of making him sleep and in turn my son getting overtired. I was quite concerned how to sleep train my 2 year old who can sense independence and emotions. Seema came into our lives at a very desperate and significant time where we needed the help she gave. Seema is very warm and easy to speak to. Seema provided a lot of confidence and reassurance to begin the sleep training process. She understands the needs of not just the child but the family as well. She also offered different methods to sleep train our little one in a way that was most comfortable with us. From the initial set up of the room to sleep training and clarifying on how to take this further Seema was patient and spontaneous with her responses. We as a family are really grateful and appreciate all the help from Seema. I really recommend her. Thanks Seema.”


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